How I ALMOST Predicted When We’d Hit 20k Customers with Facebook Prophet

A couple of months ago we hit a big milestone — LiveChat reached 20k customers for the first time ever. A month or so before that happened, we held a small company-wide competition. The goal was to guesstimate when the 20k would happen.

We had 70 people trying different things, from making semi-random picks to using popular analytical models. I went with Prophet — a prediction tool from Facebook.

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LiveChat Experiments API: Let’s Test!

A few months ago LiveChat released a new feature (the onboarding checklist) that should have simplified tasks that had not been satisfactorily handled before. To our astonishment, the conversion rate dropped. We didn’t know whether it was the result of the new feature or some other coinciding factors. We didn't set any control group as we were sure that the new feature would only make the things better.

This was when we realized that we should incorporate A/B testing into the deployment process for almost every change in the LiveChat product. We decided to create our own tool for managing A/B testing and this is how LiveChat Experiments API was born.

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LiveChat Hackathon 3

On November 18th, 2017, the LiveChat headquarters hosted yet another of our hackathon events. LiveChat hackathons aim to gather creative minds to turn ideas into reality and work on fresh means of communication. But most of all, they provide space where people from various fields, from programming through design to marketing, can work together, network and have fun. Read on to see what the participants of LiveChat Hackathon #3 came up with!

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