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Using Conversational Interfaces to Build (Better?) Web Forms

2016 was the year of everything going conversational and it doesn鈥檛 seem like something will change in 2017. We鈥檝e seen a massive boom of bots. Every business wants to have a bot now, no matter the reason why. Is it a fad? Or maybe a fear of missing out and staying behind the competition? One thing is certain: bots are cool because they are becoming more and more precise. They also provide a glimpse into the future. After all, we love what鈥檚 fresh and innovative.

How to create better reports

A report is probably the most common way of displaying data within any substantial business environments. Unfortunately a lot of reports we come across are simply dull and visually unpleasant. Say no to reports in PDF format! We cannot neglect the power of traditional plain PDF form, although we should not feel excused from being creative and resolute. There is no need to stay idle when technology allows us to experiment a little. We asked ourselves the following questions: Shall we make the reader download a separate file? How many of them decide not to? Are there any solid reasons to bear with closed format limitations? And finally: can we create a new quality of report by designing it in a well-known form of a website? How to create better reports?

Intelligent typing indicator

Do you recall the situation of writing a text message to a friend and seeing the following indicator: “X is now typing…”? When most of us see this information, we stop typing and wait for the friend’s response. But so does the friend. As a result, everyone waits for the second person’s reply and nobody sends a message for a while. We noticed the same problem when our customers talked with their clients using LiveChat.