Beware of features overload

Originally published on UXmatters, March 25, 2014 It鈥檚 interesting that many popular apps from the 90s are not available on the market anymore. New Internet users will never hear about RealPlayer or ICQ, products used by millions 10 years ago. I think one of the reasons why they are gone lies behind the bad user experience of their end-users. Lots of new features turned the simple and usable apps into hulking space stations.

When rewriting your software doesn’t matter

Imagine coming to work on a Monday morning, full of energy after a relaxing weekend, and it turns out you have an empty todo list. “Hell yeah,” you might think. “Finally, I have some time to rewrite that XYZ module. After all, it’s just a piece of crap.” Wait. Think for a second before digging into that 8-hour task. Will your customers see any difference? No? Then you’re probably planning to waste the whole day on trying to convince yourself you’ll do a good job today. But the reality is it won’t be a good job at all.