API Docs & Reference

The documentation of all LiveChat APIs, integration possibilities and customization techniques.

Platform APIs

Interact with top-level LiveChat APIs. Build custom experiences for both agents and visitors.

Sample use cases
  • server-side apps for reporting,
  • integrations with 3rd party services,
  • payments and subscriptions.

Extending User Interface

Customize the experience for agents. Modify the interface of LiveChat Agent App.

Use cases
  • contextual widgets for agents,
  • 3rd party services embedded in the agent app.

Chat Widget Tools

Adjust the experience for visitors. Modify or create new chat widgets.

Sample use cases
  • adjustments of chat widget behaviour,
  • custom chat widget tailored to the needs,
  • applications in React with chat interfaces.

Mobile Chat Widgets

Bring real customer service to your mobile apps with ready-to-use chat widgets.

Sample use cases
  • live chat widget in iOS or Android app,
  • chatting widget for React Native.

Partner Program APIs

LiveChat Partner Program lets you grow your business with the leading customer service platform.

Sample use cases
  • monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns,
  • manage your partner and expert accounts.