1 minutes reading time • last modified 01/21/2020

This document is the record of all the changes in the Customer Chat API, Web and RTM, starting from version 3.0.

[v3.2] - Developer Preview


  • There are 5 new methods: Get Customer (Web & RTM), Accept Greeting (Web & RTM), Cancel Greeting (Web & RTM), Get License Properties (Web), and Get Group Properties (Web).
  • There are 2 new pushes: incoming_greeting and greeting_canceled.
  • The response of the Login method was extended with the accepted flag for __priv_dynamic_config.greeting.


  • Method Update Customer (Web & RTM), which used to return the Customer data structure, now has no response payload.
  • The Property data structure now has the same format in requests as in responses and pushes.

[v3.1] - 2019-09-17


  • The Send File method was replaced with Upload File (Web). The new method should be used along with Send Event (Web & RTM), Start Chat (Web & RTM), or Activate Chat (Web & RTM).


  • Web API: From now on, sending payloads explicitly in the request body is allowed. You no longer have to wrap it up in the payload object.
  • Method Update Last Seen Timestamp was transformed into Mark Events as Seen (Web & RTM). Now, it accepts the seen_up_to parameter (date & time in microseconds in UTC) instead of timestamp. Also, it no longer returns timestamp in the response.
  • Push last_seen_timestamp_updated was transformed into events_marked_as_seen with the seen_up_to parameter instead of timestamp.
  • Fields order and timestamp in events were replaced with the new field, created_at (date & time in microseconds in UTC).
  • Method Send Event (Web & RTM) no longer accepts the require_active_thread parameter. Thread is always required to be active unless attach_to_last_thread is enabled.
  • Method Send Event now returns only event_id instead of the whole Event data structure.
  • Method Start Chat (Web & RTM) now returns only chat_id, thread_id and optionally event_ids if requested. It used to return the whole Chat data structure.
  • Method Activate Chat (Web & RTM) now returns only thread_id and optionally event_ids if requested. It used to return the whole Chat data structure.


  • The Send File method was removed.