Easily embed LiveChat chat widget with React Native component. Works for both iOS and Android apps.


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Pre requirements

To use LiveChat in your application you need license_id. You get one after creating account on our website.

You can check your license_id anytime here.

_If you have difficulties finding your license_id please take a look at this screenshot._


Install the package with npm:

npm install react-native-livechat --save


Just import LiveChat component and put it in your render method

import LiveChat from 'react-native-livechat'


<LiveChat license={your_license_id} />

Advanced use

Chat Bubble

Chat bubble is a small view that by default is blue and is placed on bottom-right side of your screen.

Changing bubble position

<LiveChat bubbleLeft={0} bubbleTop={0} license={your_license_id} />

Can can control position of bubble by simply sending bubbleLeft and bubbleTop props.

Fixing the position

<LiveChat movable={false} license={your_license_id} />

By default bubble component is draggable and movable. You can disable this option by sending movable prop with false value.

Change the color of the bubble

<LiveChat bubbleColor="red" license={your_license_id} />

If would like to change color of bubble you can simply pass bubbleColor prop with LiveChat component.

Custom bubble component

  bubble={<View style={{ width: 60, height: 60, backgroundColor: "green" }} />}

If you don’t like appearance of this bubble at all, you can send bubble prop with your own component.

Chat Appearance

This module uses react-native-gifted-chat for chat UI.

You can customise your chat appearance by sending props to LiveChat component like you would normally send them to GiftedChat component.

Custom action for avatar

  onPressAvatar={info => console.warn(info)}

For example if you would like to control onPressAvatar to show info about agent, you can do it like this:

You can find information about all props here: react-native-gifted-chat.

LiveChat Visitor SDK

This module uses LiveChat Visitor SDK. You can find more information about available methods here. To use VisitorSDK methods you must create LiveChat reference. You can do it like this:

<LiveChat onLoaded={ref => (this.livechat = ref)} license={your_license_id} />

Let’s say you want to close current chat. You can do it in two ways:

// is the same as:

Available methods

Name Note
closeChat Closes the chat.
sendMessage Sends a message. More information about message format you can find here.
rateChat Enables chat ratings. More info here.
setSneakPeek Enables sneak peeks to see what the visitor is typing in before they actually send the message. More info here.
getVisitorData Collects the visitor information. More info here.
setVisitorData Set the visitor information. More info here.
getTicketForm Get ticket form fields configured in chat window settings section in agent app.
sendTicketForm Send ticket form filled in by visitor. Ticket form should be rendered using fields fetched by getTicketForm method. More info here.
disconnect Disconnect Visitor SDK. A visitor won’t be tracked, and you won’t be notified about agent’s availability status. You will be automatically connected again after using sendMessage or setVisitorData methods.
destroy Disconnect Visitor SDK and unsubscribe from all callbacks.


In case of any problem you can chat with us here.

I hope you will find this module useful. Happy Coding :)