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Key features:

  • Create public and private apps
  • Create frontend and backend apps
  • Set permissions for your app
  • OAuth 2.0 authorisation

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You can use the Console to create Agent App Extensions — web applications loaded inside the LiveChat Agent App. Learn more

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The Console Tour

We designed the console with developers in mind to give them a complete set of tools to easily build and share LiveChat apps.
LiveChat for Developers

OverviewUse the handy checklist to make sure you don't forget about any essential part of your app.

LiveChat for Developers

DisplayName your app, upload or generate an icon and provide the description, the installation message and a link to the guide or tutorial.

LiveChat for Developers

Features Interact with the data in various ways by using REST API and embed a web application inside the Agent App.

LiveChat for Developers

Access scopes Choose the permissions for your app to integrate it seamlessly with the LiveChat environment.

LiveChat for Developers

DistributionIt's showtime! Share your app with the world by enabling it for your team (i.e. all agents at your license) or by submitting it to us for review if you want it to be available for all LiveChat users.