Project 😺 Copycat: Synchronize Files Between Repositories

Do you know the pain of working with multiple repositories and synchronizing files between them?

We do.

This is why we created 😺 Copycat, a tool which will do all the heavy lifting. In short, if you push the files to one repository, Copycat will make a pull request to the second repo.

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Ewa Hendrychowska

Say Cheese: Snapshots and Visual Testing

Creating reusable and bullet-proof interfaces is hard. Why not make the process easier by employing visual testing?

Do you want to know what we do at LiveChat in order not to mess up the product used by 21,000+ customers all over the world? Take a look at this fresh post by @AndaristRake and get inspired for your next project.

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Ewa Hendrychowska

What’s Done and What’s Next in LiveChat for Developers

It’s been a while since the last update. Yesterday was a good day — we’ve just launched the brand new LiveChat Apps Marketplace, right inside the Agent App. It’s quite a milestone for us! Let’s see what else happened in the LiveChat for Developers Program.

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Ewa Hendrychowska

Custom Fonts in the LiveChat Window

Let’s face it: custom fonts are omnipresent. Have you ever wondered how to use them in your LiveChat widget?

If so, here it is: everything you always wanted to know about custom fonts in the LiveChat window (but were afraid to ask):

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Ewa Hendrychowska
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