Develop solutions for LiveChat Customers

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Interact with Chat Widget on your website, change its behaviour for certain visitors or embed the LiveChat window in your mobile apps.

Develop solutions for LiveChat Agents

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Integrate with LiveChat and extend its functionalities, customize the user experience or add your service to the LiveChat system.

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It takes a community do create and deliver great software. See what you can get by developing LiveChat apps and integrations.

Discover a niche and call it yours

Discover a niche
and call it yours

With over 18,000 businesses already using LiveChat, there’s a ton of niches and possibilities you could explore as a developer. Join us to tackle them all!

Join the ever-growing customer base

Join the ever-growing customer base

LiveChat is used by 50,000+ users daily. Use the tools and knowledge we provide to turn those users into your customers by creating an app and offering it on the Integrations Marketplace.

Easily experiment and test your solutions

Easily experiment
and test your solutions

Our customer base is bright, active and responsive. If you provide value with your app, they will be quick to try it out and provide you with helpful feedback.

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we are LiveChat.

LiveChat delivers an online customer service solution with live support, help desk software and web analytics. Discover why and how 17,000+ companies are using our product.

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